Next steps for the IPFS Community Calendar


There’s been ambiguity recently regarding where the IPFS Community calendar is. This post aims to share an update on where things are currently as a basis for a discussion on the next steps.

Where things are right now with the IPFS Community Calendar on Luma

  • As discussed before, multi-session events are no longer supported.
  • Luma added the ability to clone events, you can use this to create future sessions of a WG meeting:
  • When cloning an event, you can choose to invite guests of a previous session. Inviting these guests will send them an email
  • Community members can also subscribe to all calendar events using the .ics link with Google, Apple etc., to gain visibility into all events.
  • We currently have ~300 subscribers to the calendar.
  • The IPFS community calendar needs to be verified so that they can increase the outbound emails they send on our behalf (event invitations etc). I’ve filled out the verification form to increase the limit, but we should subscribe to Luma plus to ensure we have sufficient invites

What’s next?

Assuming we stick to using Luma, we just need to make sure that WG chairs can add their events to the calendar. This requires updating the list of calendar admins which requires a Luma Plus subscription. Moreover, we might to share a little bit of guidance on how to submit and approve events.

My 2 cents

Even though multi-session events aren’t supported, Luma provides a better discovery and RSVP experience for the community. There are other tools out there, but there’s an inherent friction to moving events and I don’t think it’s really worth the cost.

Call to Action: Please share feedback

If you’ve been using Luma either as a WG organiser or as an IPFS community member, please share your feedback on how it went.
If you have any specific needs or wants, please share them.


I agree with your 2 cents. I’m very disappointed about the removal of multi-event support, but I think it’s still worth it for discoverability.

Can you remind us who are current calendar admins in Luma? Is there a limit, after which we’ll need the Luma Plus subscription? We could either make a few more WG chairs, or just make sure they know how to submit (and that the calendar admins are responsive, which I believe they have been).

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Dietrich Ayala
Michelle Lee
Daniel N
Steve Loeppky (biglep)
Torfinn Olsen
Yiannis Psaras

The limit is 5 admins with each additional admin costing another 12$ monthly.

We currently have 7 admins on the free plan because they were added before Luma introduced paid memberships.

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We can probably remove some of those admins, and replace them with some people[1] who regularly host WG meetings so they can approve their own events for the community calendar.

[1] But are also plugged-in enough across the project to review other submissions.

I agree, but we can’t replace them until we subscribe to Luma premium since its a paid feature