Petname system a replacement for dns without blockchain or server

this system can help deliver names without any central server.

how it works is instead of trying to solve zookoo’s triangle with a single name for an entinty.
you use three names for an entity.

  • key - global and securely unique hard to forge - basically /ipns/ urls work for this.
  • nickname - suggested name for an entity. (not required).
  • petname - a name local to you that maps petname <-> key dual way.

petnames are not shared.

this system integrated into ipfs would help solve the naming issues without using a blockchain system.


Love it. Any thoughts on how a PetName system might work with IPFS?

integration could be rather simple, for example make ipfs name resolve handle .pet tlds connect to a specific app service for translation to ipns hash as the key.
the other part is potentially maybe once I have a working prototype, integration with ipfs companion app.
which people to integrate a petname system when writing their website.
website integration should be fairly simple (just write a suggested nickname for domain or url!)
so far my repo, is here