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Hi all,

I’m using IPFS in various a Github Pages article I’ve published.

My one concern is the bottom of the page. In order to encourage the use and adoption of IPFS, I want some sort of footer which mentions that the site uses IPFS.

Right now, the footer of the page looks like this:

All images on the Github Pages site powered by IPFS


All images on the Github Pages site powered by [IPFS](https://ipfs.io/)

[![IPFS Logo](upload://qMDwMHAw9FXjq2OOrm86qNiikiw.webp)](https://ipfs.io/)

I would like it if there were some unified, Powered by IPFS logo that could be used across platforms, applications, and developers to help spread the word. Is anyone up for creating such a graphic, releasing the copyright, and publishing it on IPFS?

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(I have bumped your trust-level so that you can post links).

If anyone makes that “Powered by IPFS logo”, I always loved this one:

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Thanks! I’ve updated my post accordingly!

Oooooh I would love to do this! But I’m brand new. Will be back with some ideas for consideration…

I’d put this on the platform we are developing in an instant.

Maybe IPFS can put a variety of logos on their site so anyone can go there and download them. With of course usage guidelines e.g. You actually have to utilize IPFS with your DApp or other projects.

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