Problem while installing go-ds-s3

Hello, i have some issue when i try to install go-ds-s3.

I follow the readme to install correctly the go-ds-s3 but when i make build, i have these error

go version go1.18.5 darwin/arm64
bin/check_go_version 1.17
plugin/loader/ > plugin/loader/preload.go
go fmt plugin/loader/preload.go >/dev/null
go build  "-trimpath" -ldflags="-X "".CurrentCommit=9c6094e65-dirty" -o "cmd/ipfs/ipfs" ""
plugin/loader/preload.go:4:2: no required module provides package; to add it:
	go get
make: *** [cmd/ipfs/ipfs] Error 1

Then i try the command go get and you guess, i have this error imports imports imports imports cannot find module providing package

I see the repo of go-libp2p and i notice that the p2p/discovery/mdns_legacy does not exist.
Can someone have some issue to resolve this ?

i have the same issue a month later. can someone please answer it

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