Regarding the multiple swarm.key on one node, is this possible?

hi, all, i am going to deploy multiple swarm.key on a single IPFS node which aiming to connect differrent peer nodes. like NODE-A has swarm-1{-3}.key, swarm-1.key for Peer-A, swarm-2.key for Peer-B, swarm-3.key for Peer-C, is this possible?

or is here any substituent way we could deploy to connect different nodes with different authorization information?

by the way, i do really appreciate that if we could have a way to authrize different content with different authentication keys.

thanks in advance.

An ipfs node works with a single swarm.key. For anything else you would need to customize a solution by modifying the code.

thanks for your answer, but seems it is a little difficult to many IPFS users, if the original official package could support the function to meet our deployment demands, it would be much more efficient.

thanks again for your help.

IPFS (and libp2p, which is actually the right place for this ask) are open source. This means

  1. You can inspect the go-ipfs and go-libp2p repositories for similar feature requests and add your voice and your ideas about them.
  2. If they don’t exist, you can make a new feature request, provide background and defend why it is necessary to support it. Perhaps some devs will chime in with ideas. I recommend to start in for this.
  3. Finally, since everything is open, you have all the freedoms to modify the official package to meet your deployment demands.

What is it you are actually trying to do that you think you need multiple swarm.keys on a single IPFS node?