[Resolved] Killing container results data loss?

I am running IPFS container on TravisCI and kills it immediately after ipfs add returns. Sometimes I found that these added files may be inaccessible even when IPFS outputs foobar uploaded, so I was wondering would killing container causes data loss?

You’ll need to continue running the node if you want to make sure that the data is available, similar to how HTTP works today. If you exit as soon as ipfs add returns, the content would not be available, because no nodes are online and hosting it.


that’is correct and in travis a container is a cattle when your job has finish your containers are completly destroy. if you need use docker container with ipfs you should :

  • run locally (if you have unix system your can use that curl -Ssl https://get.docker.com for mac and windows go to https://www.docker.com/community-edition.
  • when you run your container please make sure to persist on your host /root/.ipfs for exemple docker run -d -v /home/user/.ipfs:/root/.ipfs ipfs/ipfs



Thanks to all of your replies. It seems that I need to have a look at this project’s tech specs.