Running IPFS node on cloud

Hi everyone,

I’m new to IPFS, I tried to run an IPFS node on Google Cloud Compute Machine, I initialized with server profile. But the node is not stable as in my local machine. The file get uploaded sometime to the ipfs network but most of the time I can’t get the file from public gateways.

I made an interface to communicate with my node. To add file I use >>ipfs add filename

Anyone know the better way to run node on cloud? I tried with azure but the same problem.

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I haven’t tried Google Cloud or Azure before … is port 4001 open/forwarded? If I attempt to peer with you using udp or tcp, or scan the port, it shows as closed. This can effect your ability to share content.

Very helpful interface BTW.

The image I added did load eventually. I don’t know how long it took, I wasn’t looking when it did, but the node is operational, just doesn’t have ports open, limiting it’s ability to share.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I opened the port 4001 and it works smoothly now.

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Hi, do you know whether I can connect to the webui of my node on server from other machine? I tried ip:5001/webui but it didn’t work

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Securely, this should work:

On the node (once)

ipfs config --json API.HTTPHeaders.Access-Control-Allow-Origin '["", "http://localhost:3000", "", ""]'
ipfs config --json API.HTTPHeaders.Access-Control-Allow-Methods '["PUT", "POST"]'

On the other machine

Every time you want to access the webui remotely, ensure you have an SSH tunnel to the machine on the ports we’ll be using:

ssh -L 5001:localhost:5001 -L 8080:localhost:8080 user@ADDRESS_OF_NODE.COM

Then access the webui here:

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