ShowIPFS: Decentralized StatusPage on IPFS

Over the past weeks I developed this project called D StatusPage, the idea is to publish a service status page on IPFS to keep it permanent available.

I thought status page is a good use case for people to maintain an IPFS node running and consequently help the network to growth for a dime compared to how much they pay for a status page service today.

I started developing this using pure js-ipfs but I realized that js-ipfs doesn’t publish to IPNS so as suggested by @diasdavid I started using ipfsd-ctl to install and control a go-ipfs instance.

Really want know what you guys think about it and will be glad if you give it a try.

Example of a status page published using D StatusPage

You can find it on Github

And released on NPM:

The software will be distributed free and open source under MIT license.



I just published on HN and has a lot of misunderstood about IPFS concepts…

I think a dapp covering a good use case could help a lot.

You can follow the HN thread here


Nice Idea!
Looks really interesting! I might use it soon, I just need to hook into external API to retrieve uptime, numbers, graphs… and other stats :slight_smile:

About the concept and the execution: it is a really nice start!