Speeding up content load times

I am curious about methods for speeding up the time it takes my content to load in your browser. Some ideas might be (a) strategically placed geographic clusters, (b) utilising multiple gateways somehow, © making sure the content stays cached in a gateway so the gateway doesn’t have to call to my nodes every time the browser calls the hashes… or something else.

The answer could be that optimisations are being developed but have not yet been implemented (either to the code like DHT improvements or as an app like Filecoin).

I am relatively new to IPFS and may be missing some basic concepts still of how it functions. Please correct me if so, or share any tricks you use for reducing latency of your own content.

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To expand on (b), is there a way to route my content through any number of gateways at any given time (ideally the one with the least amount of latency) as opposed to designating a static gateway in the A Records of my domains DNS?