Suggestion: Remove one of the points about IPFS's utility on IPFS.IO

Hello there,
I would like to give some feedback about the IPFS.IO site, more precisely the paragraph on how “today’s web can’t preserve humanity’s history”, which I suggest gets removed as it doesn’t give a good impression of IPFS at all.

First off, the information according to which the average lifespan of a webpage is 100 days is coming from a 9-year old post and might not be accurate anymore.

And, second off, even if it is still accurate, it means there are a lot of webpages that are only let on the web for a short time. It does not mean there is a mysterious dark power that will take down any page. So to say that “today’s web can’t preserve humanity’s history”… Weeell… That’s not true. And the data presented is a terrible basis for that.

So, yeah, as this paragraph is pure junk, I suggest you find a better way of saying IPFS makes data mirroring simple and keeps every version of files.

Thank you for the feedback! While we do strive to keep dialogue on our forums from using potentially hostile language (“pure junk” could be interpreted as such), you raise a valid point about the age of the original Alexa study.

The IPFS website, like the rest of the project, is open-source and welcomes contributions, issues and PRs! If you have suggestions for improvements to the text on the page, the repo is at . Thank you!