Support for OrbitDB pinning

Hi @hector - we are right now in the beta phase of our application and using ipfs-cluster in a great way.
It works perfect!

We are also using OrbitDB and it seems that ipfs–cluster is not supporting this kind of pinning.
Can you let us know if this will be supported soon, or if this ins on any roadmap ?!

Maybe you can give us a hint if you think it would be in general possible to pin OrbitDBs within the ipfs-cluster or not. ( clearly code-changes needed for that, or not ?! )
And if it is possbile if we could try to add some PR to the ipfs-cluster or if this need to be done by the core-team of ipfs-cluster.

Thanks a lot

I am not sure what is OrbitDB kind of pinning. Can you clarify?

For example i created this OrbitDB --> /orbitdb/zdpuApfeMEULF95fh36XrMApvAxes8W3LcfX4K6EprPEkKZxS/test12

when i try to add this on the cluster i got the following error :

ipfs-cluster-ctl pin add /orbitdb/zdpuApfeMEULF95fh36XrMApvAxes8W3LcfX4K6EprPEkKZxS/test12

error : invalid path “/orbitdb/zdpuApfeMEULF95fh36XrMApvAxes8W3LcfX4K6EprPEkKZxS/test12”: unknown namespace “orbitdb”

You can pin zdpuApfeMEULF95fh36XrMApvAxes8W3LcfX4K6EprPEkKZxS directly if that’s what you want. ctl pin add zdpuApfeMEULF95fh36XrMApvAxes8W3LcfX4K6EprPEkKZxS.