Understanding response from `ipfs stats bitswap`

Hi, I couldn’t find a place in the docs that explain every field in the “bitswap status” response. Anywhere to find it?

I’m trying to understand if my “totalOut” provided by ipfs stats bw is from sending out blocks or just DHT data. I’m assuming from the below it’s just DHT data? Also is “partners” how many other nodes I’ve connected to in the past or currently? Thanks!

bitswap status
	provides buffer: 0 / 256
	blocks received: 0
	blocks sent: 20582
	data received: 0
	data sent: 2691251474
	dup blocks received: 0
	dup data received: 0
	wantlist [0 keys]
	partners [766]

For the partners one, it’s actually the number of Peers whom the local node has active bitswap sessions.
See go-ipfs/bitswap.go at ef866a1400b3b2861e5e8b6cc9edc8633b890a0a · ipfs/go-ipfs · GitHub & go-bitswap/engine.go at 0fa397581ca6197c6c4ca17842719370f6596e95 · ipfs/go-bitswap · GitHub

For the “totalOut” one, it depends on the options you gave. By default, it’s for all protocols (dht, bitswap, meshsub, etc…).
As an exemple:

Thanks for the reply. My node has only been running for 4 days and has recieved 35GB of TotalIn. Is this normal? Here are the stats:

$ ipfs stats bw
TotalIn: 39 GB
TotalOut: 7.4 GB
RateIn: 70 kB/s
RateOut: 16 kB/s

$ ipfs stats bw -t "/ipfs/bitswap/1.0.0"
TotalIn: 0 B
TotalOut: 0 B
RateIn: 0 B/s
RateOut: 0 B/s

$ ipfs stats bw -t "/ipfs/bitswap/1.1.0"
TotalIn: 10 MB
TotalOut: 251 kB
RateIn: 0 B/s
RateOut: 0 B/s

$ ipfs stats bw -t "/ipfs/bitswap/1.2.0"
TotalIn: 35 GB
TotalOut: 2.9 GB
RateIn: 43 kB/s
RateOut: 15 B/s

Seems legit, my own node has received 9GB in 19 hours.