Updating contents of folder created by another user/account

If I create and add a folder of images to IPFS and I then want to add additional images to it (or conversely remove some images from it,) it’s a pretty straight-forward task (I’m using the IPFS Mac Desktop app, so it’s super-easy.) But can anyone else out there also add or remove file from this folder that I created? Is it that “permission less”, or is it pretty much the case that only the creator of a folder has the ability to modify its contents?
OR, is this ability something I have to specifically allow or disallow by setting some sort of value when I’m creating this folder?

(and yes, I’m aware that the folder’s CID will change every time I modify its contents - I’m really just concerned with understanding the permissions of modifying existing folders right now.)

The way IPFS works is the files you’re storing in your node are made available on your node, and able to be accessed by the CID that’s unique to the contents of those files. This means if someone else added the exact same data, on their node, they’d have the same CID as you. No one can add, edit, or remove anything from your node but you though, so you don’t need to worry about your MFS directory being modified (the nice filesystem-like view you’ll see on the desktop app).

Understood. Was assuming and hoping that was indeed to answer for this. Thank you.