Using same asset url on IPFS for several NFT

Hello there,

I am working on an NFT game and we would like to use IPFS as a storage management system for all our NFT assets.
Technically it seems possible to use one single asset URL for several NFT (several NFTs having the same visuals like playing cards for instance) but can you please confirm if this is true? Would you advise to use a folder CID (assets in one specific game folder) or a file CID (assets in root folder) in order to do that?
IT would probably more economic and ecologic friendly by reducing the storage used, but ethically, do you think it is okay for the players if they discover that several NFT with the same visual point to the same IPFS url? Or should each NFT be pointing to a unique url for its assets?

Thanks in advance for your comments!

Hey Goofie,

That’s correct. You can use the same CID (and gateway URL pointing to that CID) for multiple NFTs.

It comes down to whether the metadata is the same. If each NFT has different metadata, you might want a unique CID for each NFT. That goes to say that you can do both – it just depends on your use-case.

It’s up to you. But if a folder contains a lot of files where most aren’t relevant for a single NFT, you probably want to just point to a file CID containing the metadata for the corresponding NFT.

Thanks a lot for your reply and the explanations!

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