Using Unix socket in IPFS Companion

Is there a way to point IPFS Companion on Firefox to an Unix socket?

I’m running ipfs on a separate network namespace with all traffic forwarded to another server. I have three network namespaces on my PC and run Firefox on two of them. I need to be able to access the API and gateway through a socket, otherwise I’d need to set up the address IPFS has been bound to everytime I change Firefox from one namespace to the next, as the address that goes to IPFS’ namespace is different in both of them.

In other words, the address changes depending on the namespace I run Firefox on. So I can’t set it on the settings lest I change it everytime I have to switch namespaces. Binding IPFS to the Unix sockets would make this easier.

Does IPFS Companion have any syntax in the settings for setting this up? Or is this impossible?

Would be awesome.
Sadly browsers don’t support dialling unix sockets, even from extensions.


I see.

At the risk of going off-topic: Is IPFS Desktop based in Electron? And does this mean it can’t access Unix sockets? I can’t get them to work there either.

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IPFS desktop do is electron.
I think electron apps can open unix sockets but that doesn’t help us with ipfs-companion.