WEEK 6 QUESTIONS | May 10 - May 16, 2021

WEEK 6 QUESTIONS | May 10 - May 16, 2021 (times are in EST)

Week 6 is here! … albeit a bit late, sorry about that! I’ve attempted to highlight interesting or common questions. As always I believe I’ve definitely found some cool questions here, in particular I found the IPNS ones asked by herrpunkt.cypto to be very interesting.


herrpunkt.crypto asked a few questions about IPNS (#ipfs - 13:10 May 13)

Hi everyone :wave: Can someone point me to some docs about IPNS. I can’t seem to understand a few things about it.

  1. When I publish a name via my node, does it have to stay online, for other to be able to resolve the name?
  2. How long will the name be resolvable? I know there is a TTL flag, but what exactly can I enter there?
  3. Will ipns via pubsub be faster than the usual method?

Thanks in advance!


I believe I answered this question okay, and I’ll post my answer below here, however I’d love it if someone could elaborate on my answer. Mostly I’m not entirely clear on the difference between lifetime/TTL and the pros/cons of making them higher/lower.

I left this as unanswered because I didn’t 100% answer all 3 questions.

  1. There’s a lifetime param, as long as your node pops up to renew the record from time-to-time it should be fine.
  2. I don’t see a limit, not sure the pros/cons of lifetime/ttl
  3. It is, yes.

No problem!

smixqse asked (paraphrased) “can I have my node serve data that’s stored somewhere else?” (forum - 16:10 May 3) :white_check_mark:


Basically, OP is discussing the existence of IPFS nodes that don’t have the data in local storage, but know that they can fetch the data because it’s available on another platform, and so their node serves as a sort of bridge.


I believe this is similar to urlstore which is a pretty interesting feature.

zacharywhitley also suggested a sort of “functionstore” type feature too which I thought sounded interesting.

nickreserved asked “Weird ipfs add error” (forum - 7:14 May 14) :white_check_mark:

(screenshot of error similar to: failed to get block for bafkreihsxiejixik2s3sdfeunotfzzybrdc7xq2olgi53bbh2dwlatmup4: open /home/user/Documents/IPFS Websites/DiscoNet/plasio/all.css: no such file or directory)
I reach to this failure when I run the command:
ipfs add --nocopy -r /root/.ipfs/nas/Μηχανικός/ΕΜΠ


I see this error frequently when using FileStore if I’m not very careful. If you added the file, then moved it, you need to remove the old blocks, then re-add the file again.

Magrigal1 asked (paraphrased) “I get a lock error sometimes while using js-ipfs, why?” (#hackathons-help - 12:11 May 14) :white_check_mark:

can someone give give some insight as to what the error is indicating and how to rectify ?


When you create a node on a repo, it creates a lockfile, it also won’t start if it sees one present. So typically that error indicates there’s already a node running on that repo.

Personally I’d rectify this by only calling Ipfs.create once, and setting the result to a global variable. That way you don’t need to worry about locks.

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