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Game development is at a completely different place than where it was a decade or two ago. Today’s games are rich multimedia and art experiences, but that depth comes at a cost. All the amazing design, code, and infrastructure in these releases are requiring similar advancements in storage solutions. As immersive games cross over the Web3 frontier, developers in the space will need tools at their disposal to organize, analyze, archive, and deploy massive amounts of data. Gala Games (opens new window) is a solution that meets these needs and helps different teams and projects develop games on chain. Learn more about Gala Games and how they’re using IPFS and Filecoin for their large amount of backup data in this recent blog post (opens new window).

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Liveuamap attack of DDoS

who can create similar web on ipfs? How creating simple one map (only small region of europe)
update news, and x,y destination. very simple. I dont know how create but … if this web will be working every people on the worl hearing about ipfs