What are ioi nodes

In @guseggert talk from IPFS Thing: “State of IPFS Public DHT” State of IPFS Public DHT - @guseggert - Content Routing 1: Performance - YouTube the slides show that 18.5% of the public DHT nodes are ioi.

What are those?

Gus admits that he doesn’t know what those are.

Do we know at this point what those are?

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We have seen number of storm nodes going down, and ioi going up, they have similar patterns.

My first guess is they are the storm botnet.

The ioi nodes advertise protocols that look like the ones from this archived project GitHub - nickname76/p2p-forwarder: P2P Forwarder - a tool for farwarding tcp/udp ports. Made using libp2p.. Storm nodes advertise a different set of protocols.


What do we know about the storm nodes?

Google interplanetary storm botnet

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