When IPFS to WEBVIEW (Ios+Android) and brave mobile, safari mobile, chrome mobile and firefox mobile?

IPFS status in May 2021 : brave (desktop only), opera (desktop&mobile), (chrome + firefox but with addon only on desktop)

I’m wondering when ipfs will be ported to chrome and safari mobile => especially for webview

because those links, won’t open in webview or chrome mobile or safari mobile or brave mobile… The only mobile browser is opera

<a href="ipfs://QmT5NvUtoM5nWFfrQdVrFtvGfKFmG7AHE8P34isapyhCxX/" />test</a>

only this will work

<a href="https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmT5NvUtoM5nWFfrQdVrFtvGfKFmG7AHE8P34isapyhCxX/wiki/Mars.html" />test</a>

is it because we would have to implement ipfs node natively in the app ?