Where are hosted files stored in Brave + IPFS Companion?

Hello all. I’m new to IPFS, so perhaps I’m missing something fundamental here, but on the IPFS Companion page (via Brave), it says I’m hosting 12.6MB files.

I’m not hosting any files, and clicking on the link there shows an empty page.

Can someone tell me what’s being hosted, where it’s being hosted on my PC, and how/if I can change the location in IPFS Companion/Brave?

Thanks all.

It means you have ipfs-cached content because you have visited ipfs sites (probably). This is “hosted”.

The configuration directory for the Brave managed go-ipfs node can be found in the browser’s profile directory in a subfolder named brave_ipfs. You can find your profile directory listed here: brave://version/

Thanks very much, that makes sense now.