Will DNSLink resolve PeerIDs

I’ve been playing around with p2p-circuit and was wondering if DNSLink will resolve PeerIDs. I’ve only ever seen DNSLink used with IPFS and IPNS but not PeerID. I was thinking they would be handy to use in circuit relay addresses. Instead of


you could have something like


Sure it ties you to DNS but I’ve been playing around with setting up a local DoH resolver for a custom TLD so it would be something like


But it’s just local but I want to use it anywhere I use IPFS so I just setup a node and use p2p http proxy and I can use it as a custom DNS resolver anywhere I want.

One step further it would be nice to store the custom RR’s in IPFS so my DNS server will use the RR’s from some IPNS hash.

EDIT: I found at http://dnslink.io it says " *in the future, the value may be a multi address" any idea if the future has arrived or if not when it might get here?

@zacharywhitley Please have a look, might help : multiaddr/DNSADDR.md at master · multiformats/multiaddr · GitHub

To see dnsaddr at play, simply look at your default bootstrap list: ipfs bootstrap

Just what I was looking for, thanks. IPFS has a lot of little goodies stashed here and there if you know where to look.

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