Working fully local and decentralized issues

Dear community,

One of the goals I am trying to reach is to have an free open source note application working fully local (client side javascript) and decentralized so there is no need of a central server. This to make the application and storage of the data from abundance and not dependent on 1 party.
I thought it would be possible, but we have some struggles.

  1. We have some external code such as jquery and IPFS http client . This is a centralized server. Is it possible to load those javascript libraries by IPFS as well?
  2. When reading a file from IPFS we are using the CID in the script as an requested URL. But brave browser can’t read the URL according to the console output. So it seems we need to read it another way. Is there some documentation or example code about this?

Our results so far are available by Files · QA · iPaste / iPaste · GitLab

Thanks for helping.

Kind regards,
Jurjen de Vries

  1. Have you tried js-ipfs/packages/ipfs-http-client at master · ipfs/js-ipfs · GitHub? You can have the js-http-client in your web app.

  2. IDK how that works. sorry.

Also, Brave can run a go-ipfs node OR use a gateway. Gateways are less decentralized.

@SionoiS Thanks for you answer.

  1. What is see from that source is for example
    , what we are using now. This is centralized URL (even CDN’s are a bit decentralized, but the domain it self is not). So is this ipfs-http-client build into Brave and don’t we need it from this CDN?


When you build decentralized website you have to include all the code, otherwise you run the risk of having links break.

Brave doesn’t have anything to help us here unfortunately, maybe some day.

You have to find a way to bundle everything you need in one. I’m not a JS expert but there must be a way to not use a CDN and have the js-http-client included.

Okay thanks, we will look into this.