A tiny tool for detecting the fastest gateway

I built a static page to generate the resource links under each public gateways and display the connection lag/speed. The detection is done in the browser so the speed is the real performance of that environment.
This tool is a serverless app that can be visited through any public gateway like


To use it, just input the CID and click “Reload”, then pick a fast gateway below to fetch the content.

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Note that there is also https://github.com/ipfs/public-gateway-checker / https://ipfs.github.io/public-gateway-checker/ , though yours have some useful additional functionality.

Cool tool! May you also to add the gateway https://ipfs.robotics.bmstu.ru to the list?

Sure, I will add it in the next release.

Yes I am aware of that, the built-in gateway list is from public-gateway-checker project.
I just felt it not convenient in my user cases: I want to share files to others while they are in different networks, the connections to each gateways are quite different, so I tried to provide a mirror feature without forcing them to check the gateway speed or install the IPFS client.
With this tool I can share the file in this way
Then they can download the files from a relatively faster gateway in their network.

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Awesome. I’ve bookmarked the page (as http://ipnso.com.ipns.localhost:8080/) so that I can use it in the future and so it also pulls a copy to my local node every time I visit.