Announcing (IPFS inside) TorPlus

Hi there,

We’re happy to announce TorPlus.

TorPlus is an open-source platform that aims to fix Tor’s main drawback: there’s no real incentive for running a Tor node which leads to few nodes on the network, making Tor so slow.

TorPlus fixes this problem by adding a payment system (based on the Stellar blockchain) that incentivises adding resources to the network and maintains Tor’s anonymity/privacy guarantees.

The same payment system is also used to compensate content publishers on the network, where access to content and “attention” are paid for directly, so there’s no need for ads, tracking cookies and all the worst of today’s Internet.

Lastly, we’ve integrated IPFS as a distributed storage/content delivery solution. IPFS storage is also compensated via this payment system.

You can find more details here and on GitHub.

You can download our TorPlus app (currently, a Chrome extension) for Windows and MacOS here or create your own. Alternatively, you can start a node or publish content on TorPlus.

Let us know what you think.

The TorPlus Team

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There is lokinet which does that also.

Could I see where it is and how it works ? (is it trustfull ?)

This is an Open Source project.
Check our GitHub: GitHub - torplusdev/docs

I was hopping for the IPFS + your thing related content.

The architecture (including IPFS part) is described here: docs/TorPlus at master · torplusdev/docs · GitHub

IPFS specific code can be found in the repositories. E.g. here