Any helm charts in the community

Hey guys,

I am in the process to building out a dapp of sort and want to use ipfs for part of the system and with that it makes sense for us to deploy ipfs to the kubes stacks we will have and so I was wondering has anyone out there got a working helm charts for whats needed to get ipfs working at all?


Hi there

We are currently working on a chart for IPFS-Cluster here:
GitHub - lukso-network/backend-ipfs.

But it’s WIP and not yet fully documented.

However you can take a look, maybe there is something useful in there for you.

Thanks, we’ll have a look

Did you have any issues with ‘unbound immediate PersistentVolumeClaim’ ? And readiness probes not connecting?

I’m following along the cluster on k8s guide and looking at your helm chart, and I’m not really seeing why I’m getting the persistentvolumeclaim issues. I figure the readiness probes is some type of networking issue, which I’m trying to debug.