Appimage 0.17.0 auto update 0.18.1

Good day,
I am using the Appimage 0.17 on a desktop running Linux Mint OS. I repurposed this computer just for this project. I purchased an “Unstoppable Domain” (oneputtdigital.crypto). I loaded files (in a directory). The directory has a hash and is pinned. I get the site up on Brave browser, Firefox, and Opera, with one bug (the contact form does not work).

My problem is: Every day (at some seemingly random point), my desktop IPFS shows no network traffic. Every day I get a popup notice that I need to update to version 0.18.01 - I need to click “Okay” to get the update. I click “Okay”, the popup disappears, and the IPFS desktop shows network traffic starts up again (see picture below). It seems to me that the automatic update for the Appimage 17 is broken.

Please Help!

That is to be expected of using an appimage.
Download the newer appimage and replace your old one.

Thank you for the reply. I found the 0.18.1 appimage here and downloaded it. When I opened it, I see it has my website files and appears to be working just fine.

I had read somewhere that the appimage would update. Maybe I am mistaken. Thanks again!