Arbore: social file-sharing application

Hi everyone !

Would it be nice to he able to share pictures, documents or random files with your friends without having to give them to a company that will profile you, feed you with ads and share that with your friendly government ?

I’m working on a P2P file-sharing application designed to do just that. It’s a desktop application that allow you to share your data with your contacts directly without having to compromise on your privacy or having to trust someone.

This project is designed for non-technical people especially. I reused the UX concept of a social network to hide the complex stuff like cryptographic keys.

There is no central point nor federation. You can add contact to form your part of a social graph. You can chat and share files, document, pictures.

Technically, it’s an js/Electron app build on top of IPFS. For the UI, I used react and material-ui.

The project is not done yet but is well underway that you can see what the goal is. I’m looking for help and feedback to make it a reality.


Arbore looks awesome! I’ll try and help out if I get some spare time :slight_smile:

I was thinking just the other day that an app that allows you to replicate data to the nodes of your friends and family could be useful for improving download speeds and backing up important data. For example, here in Australia our upload speeds are mostly pretty awful (around 100KB/s), but if I could replicate some data via sneakernet at 3 or 4 locations, then suddenly I can share files with friends overseas at 3-4x the speed. Having a nice UI to help manage the sync would be great. After an optional initial sync via sneakernet, nodes could stay up to date with all content uploaded by certain trusted contacts.

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Hi everyone,

I released the first alpha version of Arbore a few days ago. Now it’s time to make it works well and reliably.

Have a look, feedback more than welcome:

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DMG with Darwin64 build coming?

I can’t build myself because Apple is Apple and you need a mac to build for mac …

Hopefully someone will help me and provide a dmg.

I have created and uploaded the latest version of Darwin64 build onto the release.


Trying to test Arbore app in Win 7. Also need to discuss how to evolve into broader scale social network