Arbore: social file-sharing app looking for help

Hi everyone !

3 months ago I (re)started working on a project I want to bring to life for some years. It’s a P2P file-sharing application designed to reduce the dependency of people to the giant silos of data that are facebook, google, dropbox … If you are here, I’m sure you know already why they can be a problem for society and democracy.

The problem is, even for technical people, it’s quite difficult to avoid them. How would you share your holiday pictures with your friends ? Maybe you care enough to have a private hosting somewhere. If you don’t know how to do that, tough luck.

The project I’m building is designed for non-technical people especially. I reused the UX concept of a social network to hide the complex stuff like cryptographic keys.

There is no central point nor federation. You can add contact to form your part of a social graph. You can chat and share files, document, pictures.

Technically, it’s an js/Electron app build on top of IPFS. For the UI, I used react and material-ui.

The project is not done yet but is well underway that you can see what the goal is. I’m looking for help and feedback to make it a reality.