AvionDB: A Distributed MongoDB-like Database

We just released :rocket: v0.1.0 of AvionDB (Previously IpfsDB)

AvionDB aims to bring MongoDB-like developer interface to Web 3.0.
It’s an extension of OrbitDB.

With the first release, we have support for a ton of MongoDB-like methods (findById, findOne, updateMany, and a ton more) & operators ($lt, $gt,$and,$or, etc).

Right now we support NodeJS & Browser JS. We’ll be coming with the support for Typescript (within this week), python & Go in the coming weeks.

Feel free to check out the module & let us know any comments, suggestions, concerns!


Hey @vasa-develop with a team we are developing a decommerce for @proofofhumanity registered users and that uses $UBI as currency, and we were wondering in mongodb dapps alike, and came across with your post! are you still in alpha or how is the current status of the develpment ?