Hands-on IPLD Tutorial in Golang: PART 2 : Build MongoDB-like Document Stores with IPLD

Building MongoDB-like Data Stores using IPLD🛠

Check out Part2 of Hands-on IPLD Tutorial in Golang.

Thanks to @0zAND1z for making this happen :raised_hands:


Would you be able to do more ipfs in the context of Golang stuff. Great stuff! Im learning a lot.

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We do have plans to continue the series, but we’re a bit occupied in other projects, like this one: AvionDB: A Distributed MongoDB-like Database.

So, I can’t tell you for sure, when will we come out with the next part of the series. Any idea @0zAND1z?

Anyways, if you have doubts while learning or any questions in general, you can reach us out on our discord server.

Happy Learning!