AvionDB now has FULL TypeScript Support with IPFS & OrbitDB types

Last week we have been working on porting AvionDB from Node.js to TypeScript for better developer experience.

Now, you have a smooth developer experience with a decentralized, local-first, (MongoDB-like developer interface) database.

Here is a sneak-peek of the how is it like to use AvionDB.


Check out AvionDB here.

Reach us out on Discord.

Github | Discord

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Iā€™m looking for OrbitDB or Avion developers looking to partner in building a document collaboration and versioning application on IPFS.

I have some really cool projects in NodeJS and Python that I want to puzzle patch together and I think we have a big opportunity to be first and fast to market with a revolutionary and altruistic application and ecosystem that will revolutionize everything from your bookmarks bar and note taking application to the United States Congress.


Adam Marshall Dobrin
text: (954) 667-8083
Adam Marshall Dobrin

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