Broken images in browser after installing "IPFS Desktop"

I have a problem with “IPFS Desktop”, can you please help my to solve it?

The problem is:
After installing “IPFS Desktop” I can’t see half of images in my browser.
For example on it looks like this.

p.s.: I don’t use “IPFS Companion” browser extension.

Many thanks!

OpenSea seems to mirror images to a Google CDN:

For whatever reason, your network could be overloaded on bandwidth, your router could be misbehaving, or the router could be over-stressed, causing some images to not load.

In my last office something to do with the wiring for my Internet line would cause issues like this from time-to-time, and it was incredibly annoying. Cheap routers can also fail in similar ways, but also just not having much bandwidth can cause it.

Hopefully that helps you narrow down the issue…

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