Copyright Question

A question. By uploading files, videos, books to IPFS system, is it possible to violate copyright? or have legal problems?

? I dont upload video’s i think wat do you mean ?

Gr bram

Yes, of course, like with any other mean of communication.

Do i post media online ?

Gr Bram

No, but by default you make it available to whoever asks for it. Just like in BitTorrent. If you use IPFS and never add or fetch an illegal content, you won’t have any problem, of course.

For those who may be in the USA… there’s something called “Fair Use”. If one is adding copyrighted material, quite a bit of it probably falls under “Fair Use”, since it’s unlikely that the individual adding the content is looking for money or claiming ownership of the materials.

If you don’t have permission from the copyright owner to add the content to IPFS, talk to a lawyer. We can’t give you legal advice on these forums.