Create a new discourse category for threads about the IPFS/DWeb ecosystem

I think this forum needs a new category but I’m not sure what to call it. Where would I put threads about the IPFS ecosystem (ie. Applications of IPFS, technologies in the IPFS ecosystem, Discussing use cases, etc. )? Currently the only categories are Help, Coding, Meta, Communities, Announcements, Tutorials, Site Feedback, and Uncategorized.

Examples – where would you put threads like this?

Decentralized Search Engine for the Decentralized web: I want to create a thread on this topic. We need people to start working on decentralized tools for indexing the content on IPFS and searching through that content in a decentralized manner. One option (of many) is to modify YACY to crawl IPFS content as well as classical web sites. What category should this thread live under?

Threads Discussing Applications of IPFS: I created a growing list of Applications of IPFS in the ipfs/ipfs repo. We want to encourage discussion of these topics in discourse rather than ipfs/ipfs – people saying they’re working on them, or chatting about how to support those uses. We also want people to suggest new applications and discuss them. What category should these threads live under?

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Perhaps a simple “Ecosystem” category would do?

It could host subcategories for specific areas, such as:

  • Ecosystem / Applications & Use Cases
  • Ecosystem / Tools, Libraries & Frameworks
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I guess it depends on how broad we want to hit with the category.

On one hand, I can see a lot of benefit of having a “DWeb/Dapps” category, where anything related to distributed and decentralized applications can be discussed, but there are also other places for discussing that.

On the other hand, “Applications/Ecosystem” would be closer to IPFS only, more focused on how things can be exactly mapped with IPFS, rather than the general distributed approached, even though they can be pretty close.

I’m unsure, probably best to go for the broader first, and if needed, create more sub-categories for specific focus-areas.

I would love a channel for Applications of IPFS, and specifically allowing sub-communites to develop. I think each application while require a different set up tools to work, and I’d really like to drive discussion of my colleagues there (to make it public and get feedback) and identify new folks who can contribute to the discussion.

As an outcome, we could identify the missing features to fill out any given application. Some components the community can contribute to, and some may be useful for core developers to focus on.

Personally, I’m interested in community-driven research, where users collect, store, and analyze their data. IPFS would eliminate the centralized server and dramatically improve accessibility, address privacy / data control concerns, and ensure traceability (necessary for validation of users and data over time).


I created an Ecosystem category.


Also created a sub-category Use Cases and Applications of IPFS

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