Should we have specific subcatogories go-ipfs, js-ipfs (and other projects) inside Help/Coding?

I feel it might help to better organize some threads

Most of the questions thus far on discourse have been at a higher level – how do I run a node? how do I link to data in other systems? how do I delete data off my node? – Does it make sense to divide those questions into “JS” questions and “Go” questions? It just seems like so many of the questions are ones that could be answered equally by a go-ipfs or js-ipfs dev, so I wouldn’t want to create a situation where the js people only pay attention to questions from js people and vice versa.

Do you think that will confuse people or make them hesitate to ask questions?

Yeah, there are many at a higher level, but I was classifying a few and some where referring to the go implementation, others to js, so subcategories wouldn’t hurt. People are not forced to categorize. So far I have been using tags though.