Create an IPFS Builder's Sync?

At least as of 202207, I’m aware of these periodic syncups for portions of the IPFS community:

  1. IPFS Implementer's Sync - active as of 202204
  2. IPFS Operators group - currently on pause

I’m wondering if we need another forum for builders to give short demos to enable groups deeply invested in the ecosystem to give updates on what they’re working on, learning, and what’s next.


  1. Give visibility to projects in and around IPFS to foster collaboration and connection making. This stems from knowing there is often a challenge about helping invested parties knowing what his happening in the ecosystem.
  2. Forcing function for groups to lift their headup and share outwards what they’ve been working on and what’s coming. This stems from the observation that groups (or at least PL EngRes’ IPFS team) get busy and can go too long without giving the community a coherent message on what they’re up to. There are certainly many other ways to accomplish this, but am seeing this as a backstop if/when other forums aren’t happening.

Intended Audience

  1. Anyone investing in creating and maintaining IPFS implementations so they can provide an update on their work and learn about new usecases.
  2. Builders of tools or applications using IPFS

At the minimum, I’d expect this would be a place where participants of IPFS Thing 2022 - could show up.

Who would own this?

Anyone interested in taking it? PL EngRes’ IPFS team would definitely show up and participate.

Thoughts/feedback welcome (including this is a bad idea, we already have X, lets do Y instead). Thanks.

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Thanks @BigLep. We at Fission had kicked off the operators groups but ran out of bandwidth.

And maybe it gets connected into #ecosystem:caa-wg

I think a monthly meetup at the very least for both would be great.

And maybe rotate / share ownership per quarter or something of setting agenda and getting people to present as well as just in time discussions.