Crytocurrency wallet called Frame

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I wrote on the IPFS Matrix room earlier this month, but since I did not receive a response I’m writing here hoping for an explanation.

Hello all! What relationship does IPFS have with Frame, a cryptocurrency wallet which displays the IPFS logo? It is not clear from their website whether (or how) IPFS endorses the Frame application.

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None that I know off (not that I know everything either). see Crytocurrency wallet called Frame - #3 by Jorropo

Searching through their codebase I see they use IPFS internally:

> git grep -i ipfs | grep -vE "package(-lock)?\.json" **Set your own connections to Ethereum and IPFS**
app/tray/Notify/index.js:// ipfsAlreadyRunning
app/tray/Notify/index.js://     name: 'ipfsAlreadyRunning',
Binary file asset/demo/Frame0-0-3.gif matches
main/dapps/index.ts:    for await (const buf of nebula.ipfs.get(hash, { archive: true })) {
main/dapps/verify/index.ts:// A modified version of ipfs-only-hash,
main/dapps/verify/index.ts:import { globSource } from 'ipfs-http-client'
main/dapps/verify/index.ts:import { importer } from 'ipfs-unixfs-importer'
main/dapps/verify/index.ts:import type { UserImporterOptions } from 'ipfs-unixfs-importer/types'
main/ens/index.js:  // if (type === 'ipfs-ns') return `ipfs://${hash}`
main/externalData/inventory/default-tokens.json:      "logoURI": ""
main/externalData/inventory/tokens.ts:    const tokenManifest: { tokens: TokenSpec[] } = await this.nebula.ipfs.getJson(
main/ipfsRun/index.js:const ipfs = require('ipfs-core')
main/ipfsRun/index.js:  //   // if (!node) throw new Error(`IPFS is not running`)
main/ipfsRun/index.js:  //   if (!node) throw new Error(`IPFS is not running`)
main/ipfsRun/index.js:    if (!node) throw new Error('IPFS is not running')
main/ipfsRun/index.js:    node = await ipfs.create()
main/ipfsRun/index.js:    // destryo ipfs instance...
main/ipfsRun/index.js:    // ipfs.destroy()
main/ipfsRun/index.js:  // store.setIPFS(update)
main/ipfsRun/index.js:  // store.setClientState('ipfs', 'ready')
main/nebula/index.ts:// Delete the electron version while requiring Nebula. This allows ipfs-utils to use
main/nebula/index.ts:// node-fetch instead of electron-fetch - can remove this when ipfs-utils supports ELECTRON_RUN_AS_NODE
main/nebula/index.ts:const pylonUrl = `https://${authToken}`
main/store/actions/index.js:  setIPFS: (u, ipfs) => {
main/store/actions/index.js:    u('main.ipfs', () => ipfs)
main/store/state/index.ts:  ipfs: any
main/store/state/index.ts:  ipfs: {},
test/main/dapps/verify/index.test.js:import { importer } from 'ipfs-unixfs-importer'
test/main/dapps/verify/index.test.js:jest.mock('ipfs-unixfs-importer', () => ({
test/main/dapps/verify/index.test.js:jest.mock('ipfs-http-client', () => ({
test/main/externalData/inventory/tokens.test.js:    ipfs: {
test/main/externalData/inventory/tokens.test.js:    mockNebula.ipfs.getJson.mockResolvedValueOnce({
test/main/externalData/inventory/tokens.test.js:    mockNebula.ipfs.getJson.mockResolvedValueOnce({
test/main/store/migrate/index.test.js:          ipfs: {},

So my guess is that put it on there since it’s a feature of their wallet.
I don’t know anything about their wallet or anyone that used it.

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Actually someone sent me this Frame | Protocol Labs Network Directory

Funding Stage

Series A

Membership Source

PL Ventures

Here IPFS Trademark of PROTOCOL LABS, INC. - Registration Number 4958328 - Serial Number 86555542 :: Justia Trademarks you can find:

Current Trademark Owners
Party Name

On you can see:

How is Protocol Labs related to the Protocol Labs Network?

Protocol Labs and the teams in its network are united by a shared mission. By working together as a community, we are able to speed up the research - development - deployment pipeline and bring about computing breakthroughs more quickly.

We’ve successfully launched multiple web3 projects that deliver against this vision, and we have ambitious goals to continue to transform and improve computing and the decentralized web.

So my new guess is that Frame received some funding from entity related to Protocol Labs (the owners of the IPFS trademark), they also integrate a bit of IPFS code in their app.

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Thank you very much for your detailed response, @Jorropo!