Disable subdomain redirect for kubo 0.20.0


I’m trying to disable the subdomains redirect from domain/ipfs/CID to cid.ipfs.domain.

I had it working in 0.11.0 version but cannot figure out how to do it in kubo.

Also I would like to have it the same way on localhost


Are you looking for this config option? Gateway.PublicGateways: UseSubdomains

I’m also curious, what’s your use-case here?

Hi, thanks for the answer.

Thing was that for some reason the caching of some sort was not picking up the changes.

I’m building open source image processing service and hosting on ipfs. There is a proxy in front of the ipfs and I don’t want that node to do any redirects.

If you are interested in this tech let me know, I’m already using it in other projects

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