How to provide origin isolation?

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I am running 1 public gateway. But the public-gateway-checker application is showing that the gateway is not supporting origin isolation. Official documentation is yet to explain this part.

How to enable the gateway to provide origin isolation?

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Any help here?

Use name gateways:

Instead of path gateways:

I got it. That’s how we can use those gateways.
My doubt is, is there anything we have to make changes into config file to enable origin isolation?
Or, is the origin isolation feature by default activated into go-ipfs?

It’s not a go-ipfs feature, what you to do is fight with your reverse proxy.

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Latest releases of kubo (go-ipfs) support subdomain gateway natively, but it is only enabled for localhost.

You can configure your own node to run a subdomain gateway on additional domain name by following this “Public subdomain gateway” recipe from config docs.