Error: failed to enable TCP keepalive

I’ve been searching for answers to this and haven’t been able to find anything helpful. If I’m blind and another thread addresses this, please by all means point me in that direction.

When i launch ipfs daemon, it works for a second or two and then gives me this:

2022-03-15T19:11:53.150-0700 ERROR tcp-tpt go-tcp-transport@v0.4.0/tcp.go:52 failed to enable TCP keepalive {"error": "set tcp4> setsockopt: invalid argument"}

and continues to repeat it.

Anyone who’s had this error: what fixed it for you?

This is harmless, ignore this log message. Keepalive are used to know if a TCP connection has been dying silently failing faster.
The only difference if you don’t use that is that dying connections might take a minute or so before go-ipfs know that.

Install linux, that feature works correctly on there.

There has been an update that should be rolled out in go-ipfs v0.13.0 that fix the ignore code on macos: fix: drop raw EINVAL (from keepalives) errors as well by Stebalien · Pull Request #115 · libp2p/go-tcp-transport · GitHub