IPFS Companion behind ProtonVPN

Windows 11
Brave browser
IPFS Companion
kubo v0.18.0

i recently installed ProtonVPN (free version) and the following message appears all the time
“[WARN] mdns: Failed to set multicast interface: setsockopt: An invalid argument was supplied.”

Is there a fix to this or should i change to another VPN?

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mDNS likely won’t work on any good VPN, I’d just ignore it.

but i’m not able to access my ipfs data if the VPN is connected, is there a way to fix this?

What do you mean by “i’m not able to access my ipfs data”? What are you trying to do? What have you tried?

Connection to the IPFS is lost and i’m not able to read the files stored on it. I simply use IPFS to store my files, nothing serious cos i’m not an IT guy :slight_smile: