Experiment user friendly with me

Im a 53 yr old ios user who works on an ipad pro and 12 pro max. I run and manage a handful of e-shops and create video content for IG, Fb, youtube on these devices as well. I dont code yet i have put together a few sites using hosted sites templAtes in the past mainly as stores.
How do I get started? Download IPFS APP? I have a bunch of domain names with different extensions not yet claimed, I have a Nano X wallet

My tech ability prob represents a large % of the market with prob the deepest pockets… testing projects UI on me isnt a bad idea to set some UI parameters

My question is how deep ( knowledge ) do I have to go to set up some retail websites and use basic defi dapps

Ive been able to thrive socially and financially on web 2.0 with minimal knowledge the underlying tech…

Will web3.0 be just as user friendly? Im starting to see the connection between decentralized and DIY… the DIY will hopefully be simplified down to Cashapp levels.
UI should rAnge from 1 child to 5 advanced on projects to allow for the largest user base. Thanks

You can just watch Youtube videos to learn the basics of IPFS, and then try out a couple of the “Pinning Services”, like Pinata (https://pinata.cloud) Those services are for end users like you who aren’t trying to do coding but just want to be able to upload files and then share them with other people just by sharing the CIDs.

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