Galacteek 0.4.40 released

galacteek v0.4.40 was released, you can download it here


  • Lightweight BT client integration (asyncio-based)

    • Add torrents from .torrent files, magnet links
    • Automatically transform magnet links stored in the clipboard to .torrent files stored in IPFS
    • Torrent to IPFS transfer: from the BT client you can easily transfer completed downloads to IPFS and have them linked in your downloads MFS directory.
  • New python dependencies


  • Log to time-rotated log files by default (use --log-stderr if you
    want logs to be sent to stderr instead)
  • Per-module color styling of log records
  • IPFS daemon init dialog
    • Add a combo box to select the IPFS content routing mode
    • Add a Quit button