Galacteek 0.4.41 released

galacteek v0.4.41 was released, you can download it here


  • Tor support

    • Tor proxying on all platforms (enabled manually from the status bar for now, very soon there’ll be finer control of the relays via stem)
    • Proxying of ipfs-search and cyber requests via Tor
  • Add a new anonymous web profile

  • Automatically fetch favicons when hashmarking an http(s) website

  • Handle SSL certificate errors

  • New python dependencies


  • Browser tab UI

    • Use a block-style cursor for the address bar
    • Typing an .eth domain name automatically loads it through ens://
    • Run IPFS searches or searches with popular engines (duckduckgo, …) from the address bar
    • Change the history lookup interface
  • The @Earth workspace is now the first/default workspace in the WS stack

  • Workspace APIs

    • Changed wsRegisterTab(): accept a position argument to insert tabs at the end of the tabs list or after the current tab


  • Bookmarking of clearnet URLs