Go-ipfs on Synology DSM?

Anyone who has managed to install go-ipfs on a default Synology’s DSM?


If not, is a DSM port planned for the future?

Note: moved here from closed GitHub ipfs infrastructure issue.

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hi jay,

FYI i see FreeNas create a tutorial to install docker on FreeNas os so i think it’s possible to use ipfs on that.


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DSM has built-in Docker support, according to the specs:


Does that mean go-ipfs can run without any tweaks? Has anyone with a Synology NAS managed to do this?


to test my application i use that. works fine but i use that on ubuntu.

after i don’t know how to run on synology.

in first step you need run a container where you mount your local ipfs repository and other to share your document between your container and your docker host
after when you need use ipfs command use that docker exec -ti <your_container_name_or_id> ipfs add -r path/to/your/exportdirectory/your/ressource


IPFS runs just fine within a docker container on DSM (assuming your Synology is x86 based). No modifications needed.

In my case I wanted use a custom swarm ID so I just rolled my own container.


I just installed the arm binary of go-ifps on my Synology DS414j from https://dist.ipfs.io/#go-ipfs and it worked out of the box.

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No docker container?

No, I just downloaded the binary. To start it automatically I added a script to /usr/local/etc/rc.d that starts “ipfs daemon”.

I can’t use docker on my Synology, as it doesn’t have an x86 processor.


Hi, I like try it in my Synology DS212, can let me know details, thanks.

What details do you need?
I downloaded the binary, put it in a directory. Then in a terminal window I did
chmod +x ipfs
./ipfs init
./ipfs daemon

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Thank you for your quickly reply and info.
I’ll try

Hi norpan,
Bingo, done.