How can I get and add on IPFS? Am I doing something wrong?

I am hosting dtube videos for a few friends, but I am not sure if I am really hosting

I have 2 servers

In server 1 I have downloaded their videos and “ipfs add” the videos, one video from one friends, for example, has the hash

I want to move them to the server 2 because I will terminate the 1 to save money, but I can’t find thoser objects, in the server 2 I try to
ipfs get QmdkBtTSbtL2Gchm1aiRTu8sbUFKqhVkqp74LzWQP777cc
and ipfs object get QmdkBtTSbtL2Gchm1aiRTu8sbUFKqhVkqp74LzWQP777cc

but what I get is nothing, I can leave it there for hours and I get no response, I need to ctrl+c to exit

On both servers when I ipfs swarm peers
I get a response of hundreds of peers, but I can’t get the file from another server, which leads me to believe that it is not even seeding the files, what is actually happening?

Try ipfs add to download and pin the content to your second node.

When trying to load your content with the hash you provided through this gateway I get a timeout error, so maybe you need to go back to your first node and make sure the content is actually pinned.

How can I make sure it is pinned?

I did wget from the video and ipfs add the video, so apprently it should work…

Try the ipfs pin commands and let me know if that helps.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful or specific, I’m learning this along with you :slight_smile: