How to uninstall ipfs completely from windows 10

I’ve tried to delete ipfs from windows 10, but just couldn’t find how. Can anyone help me uninstalling it?

How did you install it?

Downloaded from here and unzipped it. Opened powershell, cd go-ipfs and ./ipfs init to install which worked. Now I need to delete ipfs so I deleted go-ipfs folder, but whenever I run ./ipfs init to check whether it is uninstalled, it returns

Error: ipfs configuration file already exists!
Reinitializing would overwrite your keys.

which means it is still not completely deleted.
Does anyone know how to uninstall ipfs?

Your “repo” (configuration files/data) is still there. I believe it’s stored in your “home directory” in a folder named .ipfs. Your “home directory” is the folder containing directories like “My Documents”, “My Music”, etc.


Thanks! that solved it!