Import one file from a folder

With IPFS Desktop, is it possible to import from IPFS only one file from a folder?

Yes, you can add a file from your computer, or from IPFS assuming you have the CID. Just use the Import button on the Files tab:

Happy to answer any more questions you might have :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer.
I would like to import this file from IPFS
and the import function doesn’t accept it.
I can only import QmSmEoRzoJUtnD8Uh1q5QvTfAiExuyeRqu696NTvAB3yGB which seems to be a folder containing 10,000 files, something I don’t want.
Is there a solution?

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you can try to open the folder using the CID before the /451.png in a browser, and locate the file using browser find function.

Once the file is located, you may see the CID of this particular file.


It works. Thank you :pray: :pray:

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