IPFS arrives to Elixir?

Hello, I am wondering if IPFS could be implemented on Elixir. Can I start to implement it independently, and if it gets to a real-stable project add it as an official project?
In any case, is someone willing to take part in such a project?
Thank you.

Hi @aratz-lasa ! Great to see devs wanting to expand the reach of IPFS :slight_smile: !

Here is a thread that might interest you:

I guess you will have to write/use an Elixir implementation of libp2p first. (Or bindings to Go or JS, I don’t know anything about Elixir… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

Here is one I found :

About a IPFS, apparently there were some attempts:

… including via API binding:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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@Akita thank you for your reply! It was really useful. I think I will start implementing multiformat first and Libp2p first. I do not want to use any bindings.

So, if someone is ever interested in helping to develop IPFS stack on Elixir, I have created this repository: https://github.com/aratz-lasa/ex_libp2p