IPFS AWS -- Try to add a directory pinned on IPFS desktop to IPFS AWS server using the Terminal

Hi all I would love some help. Pretty new to IPFS however I managed to

  1. setup Ubuntu on AWS
  2. Install IPFS using the Terminal
  3. Run the daemon

I have also installed IPFS desktop and have some files pinned there. My idea is to copy the CID of thoses files and pin it using the AWS server. Much like you could also do if your upload files with IPFS desktop and pin them in Pinata.

**~/go-ipfs** $ ipfs add QmbKQuknzkoYFzLe8UpcWFUH1Mx7DZrT2j2M8NPEizmE3F

Error: lstat QmbKQuknzkoYFzLe8UpcWFUH1Mx7DZrT2j2M8NPEizmE3F: no such file or directory

I found on the IPFS docs

ipfs add <path>... - Add a file or directory to IPFS.

As seen above this gave me an error. Note I’m trying to add a directory with files in it not a single file.

Would love to have the right command with an example and some explaination what I missed here.

Thank in advance :grimacing:

add add a file you have on the hard drive.
It doesn’t download a file that you have from you laptop.
For that you can use ipfs pin add QmbKQuknzkoYFzLe8UpcWFUH1Mx7DZrT2j2M8NPEizmE3F :slight_smile:

Hi thanks for your help.

I was just in aws again to try out the ipfs pin add

What happens is I get no feedback.

So basically I see the CID there but I dont know what have happend with it – no news is good news?